The Perun X16 Rifle is Pretty Amazing

“A balanced mid-length General Purpose piston Rifle – This 16″ barreled 5.56 NATO chambered GPR is anything but your basic 16” rifle by Tinck Arms. Smooth shooting piston reliability with the accuracy of a quality D…

IWA 2023 - Das Gewehr des Donnergottes?

Das Tinck Arms Perun Selbstladegewehr ist ein vielseitiges und zuverlässiges Waffensystem, das für den Einsatz in verschiedenen taktischen Situationen entwickelt wurde. Es verfügt über ein modulares…

Perun X16 from TINCK Arms

Perun X16 is a new modular platform that allows for a number of different configurations as a result of using standard off the shelf AR parts.

Perun X16 with 3D printed lower

For this experiment, we have used modular Perun X16 platform from Tinck Arms since it doesn’t use the buffer tube on the lower receiver. So what we have here is a reliable 3D printed Ghost Gun 🙂

Perun X16 from TINCK Arms

With thanks to Tinck Arms, Lynx Pro Tactical Training Center in Slovenia and @PolenarTactical we got to take a look at the new Perun X16 in .223 Rem. It’s rather an interesting design, intended for suppressor use, and it shoots really, really flat – a contender to take the crown from the AR15?

Innovative & Interesting: Tinck Ar Perun X16

The Tinck Arms Perun X-16 (distributed in the US by AEA Arms) is a much more interesting rifle than I expected from an initial glance. I assumed it would be just another AR-18 derivative, but the truth is much more interesting.

Tinck Arms Perun

Aaron reviews the Perun rifle from Tinck Arms.

Tinck Arms Perun

In this video, we take a look at a new AR variant from Slovenia, the Tinck Arms Perun. The Perun uses a unique and highly modular upper receiver along with a hybrid DI/piston operating system while utilizing a large number of standard AR-15 parts.